Reading Music

At Project Treble we believe the first step to developing a music career is learning how to read sheet music. Our dedicated team of young musicians are the perfect teachers for new musicians!

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Playing Music

Our next step in the musical journey is to teach the students how to play the instrument of their choice. The instrument and all the supplies needed for upkeep are provided! Instruction is provided by current musicians.

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Everyone's hard work will culminate in a concert where the new musicians will showcase their progress!

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Music is a right that some do not have

The art world is bustling with countless opportunities for a successful future. Due to lack of resources, many young people do not have exposure to the arts (music, in particular) that their more privileged counterparts do. To battle this, youth must be exposed to the art of making music as a springboard into the artistic scene.

Project Treble was created in direct response to the growing concern about the lack of arts programs and after-school programs for students in underserved communities. Project Treble will provide a positive environment for music making and artistic growth to youth who may not normally have access to those resources. The focus is slightly different at each stage but the purpose remains the same; empower young people to chase passion in their lives.

Over time, Project Treble will create a community where music is a right for all.



Project Treble is a non-profit organization that relies on your monetary and physical donations. Click the donate button for a monetary donation or to see our list of needed instruments and supplies. All donations are tax deductible!