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Our Vision

Through after-school programs, Project Treble will provide youth an opportunity to explore the musical scene and open their eyes to the possibilities that the art world can have on their future. The long-term goal of Project Treble is to empower the young person to chase their passion (musical or otherwise) no matter how improbable it may seem.

Our Story

The idea of Project Treble first occurred to the founder while she was listening to NPR. The radio show was detailing the struggles of keeping kids who are often home alone or in after-school programs, due to their parents' work schedules, stimulated. A music program was the perfect solution!

Meet the Founder

Madison Smith


Madison Smith is a senior in high school with aspirations to be a surgeon. She began playing and fell in love with music in sixth grade. Her favorite hobbies include trying different types of coffee and binge-watching Avatar the Last Airbender.


Project Treble is a non-profit organization that relies on your monetary and physical donations. Click the donate button for a monetary donation or to see our list of needed instruments and supplies. All donations are tax deductible!